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If you need to Automate some tasks on the internet or even on you desktop you have come to the best place! Web Automation can save you time, money and increase productivity on the job, home or in the workplace. Increase your or an employees production to increase your over all bottom line. In today’s economy every dollar saved is more valuable than ever! Whether you would like to stimulate your own local economy building your own custom software or hire a professional software developer, Python and UBot are extremely powerful despite their ease of use. I enjoy developing in both programming languages and teaching them only solidifies my love for them.

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You and your team will do more with less effort. Automating Social Media for yourself or to see what the competition is doing is vital to keeping the edge for stable growth. With stable Custom Automation Tools you can do just that and stay ahead of everyone else. It is more than likely that I can provide you with a simple inexpensive software or show you how to make your own. Contact me for an evaluation and together we can create your mind with the perfect solution tailored to your specifications.

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Automation Software Feature and Services List

  • Full web automation – web testing solutions including logging in with multiple user accounts, automatic browsing, account creation, form filling and submitting.
  • Selenium, Ex-Browser or the Native UBot browser for most web tests and submissions.
  • requests, requests-futures, asyncio, robobrowser, mechanize  and HTTP POST for API’s, data acquisitions(scraping) and submissions.
  • Custom User Interfaces(UI or GUI)
  • Custom algorithms in Python or UScript(UBot)
  • Multiprocessing – increases productivity to do more with less RAM utilizing my custom threading framework.
  • Web browsers – to monitor progress and intervene.
  • Regular Expressions – to parse data on the fly from the internet or big data from a database, from the web or flat files.
  • XPATH – to parse data from XML or HTML
  • JSON – sending, receiving or parsing
  • Email Support – notifications, account activation’s, and parsing.
  • Proxy support for HTTP or Socks – for anonymity.
  • Unit testing – to insure quality and reduce bugs.
  • Logging – process logging to further quality assurance.
  • Web Development Services
    • WordPress
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap 4
    • Python
      • Django
      • Flask
      • RESTFUL API’s
  • Video Production – coming soon!
  • Background Music for Videos, Video Games and Commercials
  • Graphics 3d, Meme’s and Clip Art
  • Doodle Videos – “Expainer” Videos!!
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Python and UBot are two of the easiest gateway programming languages to learn. UBot Studio has a drag and drop interface that enables you to code visually and make stunning user interface’s(UI’s) in minutes. UBot also has an API to run Iron Python/Python internally or externally along with many other languages like PHP, Regex, XPATH and Javascript. Additionally, UBot Studio allows you to create plugins with .NET or Iron Python for even more flexibility. UBot also serves as an awesome Python GUI for rapid prototyping or development.

With all the coding libraries of both Python and .NET in addition to UBot’s own code base you can automate just about anything on the desktop or over the internet. You can create and sell your own software or ours in far less time to make more internet cash whether it is for your business or a local business. This is how we plan to make America great again including the world around us.

The UBot and Python Tutorials contained in this site are designed to help reduce your learning curve for you and your team to run a business more efficiently and increase overall productivity as fast as humanly possible. This is great for your business’s bottom line and growth, which is extremely important in this day in age.

Acquire UBot Studio or Contact us today if you need software developed this week and start making more money online or off!!!

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