Threading – Running Selenium with the Chrome Browser in UBot Studio

Threading with Python Selenium and the Chrome Browser inside UBot Studio       All this without having to use Chrome Profiles 😉   Hey UBotters!! Let’s get right to it!   Before you try to run anything!! In the 5th tab there is a UBot function “Python Path” You must put the path to your Python exe for this code to work.       Tab 1 – from Python list In this tab I show bare bones almost […]

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Python HTTP Requests Package Meets UBot Studio For Beginners

Python HTTP Requests Package Meets UBot Studio For Beginners       In this guide you will learn how to use Pythons Requests Package for HTTP in UBot Studio utilizing the Python Plugins “Execute Python” function “$Execute from code”. Additionally, you will learn to use the define command with the Python code provided in the download. Why would you want to do this? Simply put, there are many core and volunteer developers working on the Python language and its libraries […]

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Python Selenium Meets UBot Studio X Basic Tutorial Using the Chrome Browser

Welcome Python to UBot Studio X !! This is a BASIC Python Selenium tutorial using a free Python Plugin that enables you to use the Python Programming language inside UBot Studio Selenium is an testing suite to help you do automated testing. UBot is similar and could be used the same way. In this tutorial we are going to focus on using Python inside of UBot to do browser automation with the Chrome Browser. This guide assumes you have installed […]

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Installing Python on Windows to use with UBot Studio Tutorial

Installing Python 2 or 3 for Windows I have used many methods of installing Python onto Windows 7 and 10. What works best for me all around is WinPython and it’s best feature is that it is portable. Portable meaning that you can use it on most USB sticks and run it from there or distribute along side your UBot Studio software. This is what sets WinPython apart from the rest. WinPython comes with many packages or just the standard […]

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