Thread Docta – UBot Threading Framework – Pro Edition – Source Code

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An easy way to multi-thread UBot Scripts without much hassle. For the most part all you have to do is handle the next list item. There is no need to use locks or special increment/decrements techniques. This version is for UBot Pro. and Dev. users and uses a few free plugins, one to handle lists, files, a timer and finally one to handle a silent deletion of a directory.

This is a simple template to get you threading fast and easy for beginners or experienced users. You can be threading in just minutes with this framework. Examples are provided in the UBot Boot Camp Advanced Threading tutorial which comes with a simple scraper and a simple poster.

Have a simple bot that needs threading? It only takes literally a few minutes to make it fully threaded.


Thread Docta

Threading Framework

UBot Studio Pro Edition

Hello UBotter ๐Ÿ™‚

I have created a custom threading framework from scratch that is thread safe guaranteed!! It is also way more efficient than the traditional threading techniques with out the hassle of thread locks or race conditions where threads are competing with another to access the same variable or list item. It uses dynamic list with the help of the “Large Data Plugin” including quick access for large files to aid in the life cycle of your software.


Large Data Plugin, Advanced File and Advanced Shell are required for the Pro version. The soon to be released Dev. version uses Iron Python where there is no need for plugins.

Also used is the Diagnostic Plugin for an elapsed time.

Plugins not included!

What is included is a updated version of the original version of Thread Docta that was called “Asynco” I posted 2 years ago. Asynco is almost the same except that is a demonstration of why less is more. Meaning less threads is more efficient. I just updated the UI to look more like Thread Docta’s UI and Thread Docta is for use with many types of software.

The framework is an empty shell to slip your code in and for you to create an custom UI. For bettor’s to use as a starter template for making multi threaded bots in less time and make more money sooner than later. I made many comments inside the source code to help you if you need it in addition to the documentation for Thread Docta. I combined it with the Advanced Threading tutorials’ documentation/store item which also includes 2 example bots that are threaded with the Thread Docta Framework. One of them is the same poster example I used in the Boot Camp series and the other is a scraper example.


This framework is really simple and should not take more that a few hours to get to know it. Once you know it you will be making threaded bots in minutes that are stable, even if you just started with UBot this week. You will be able to charge more for your bots and be a pro!! or upgrade and be a Developer!

For those that need additional help I will do some consulting for a small fee also donations are accepted at my site, the link is in the Resource tab.

While going through the documentation I would put the url into UBot’s browser for the corresponding tabs.



Don’t forget to add the UBot Boot Camp Advanced Threading Tutorial to get the examples.

It includes a scraper and a poster like bot.


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