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Advanced Threading using the Thread Docta Framework to help make it easier for new and experienced UBot Studio users to use and understand multi threading. Yes! threading can be easy…

You should be able to learn how to thread your software with in days and charging more for your coveted threaded bots. Just add your code, customize the UI and BANk!

Whether you sell or increase your own productivity you now have the ability to make software more stable and faster in no time at all. Your customers will keep coming back for reliability!


UBot Studio Boot Camp

Advanced Threading

UBot Native Browser

Pro Edition


Hello UBotter!!


This should conclude the “Boot Camp” free series. Threading is traditionally pretty hard and I know it took me a long time to wrap my head around all the nuances so I decided to think of a better less confusing way to multi thread. I created Thread Docta and it is almost a plug and run framework. In this tutorial I intend to demonstrate how easy it really is to thread a bot(scraper/poster) in minutes with just a few hours initial work. The few hours is to get to know the code and after that you will be threading most of your software in less time it took to create it for sure, in fact in only minutes.


You will need to download and install a few plugins to play! Don’t worry they are free 🙂 and essential to run these example bot code included in this very detailed tutorial that is documented at You can get the plugin links and empty framework in the Thread Docta store item.


You will learn the following commands and functions:


  • if, then, else, else if
  •  set
  •  alert
  •  loop
  •  loop while
  •  stop watch start – diagnostic plugin
  •  stop watch stop – diagnostic plugin
  • stop watch reset – diagnostic plugin
  •  stop script
  •  wait
  •  set headless browser
  •  clear cookies
  •  set header
  •  navigation
  •  wait for element
  •  add item to large list – large data plugin
  •  append to file
  •  thread
  •  in new browser
  •  large list from text – large data plugin
  •  add item to large list – large data plugin
  •  increment
  •  clear all large list
  •  divider
  •  comment
  •  add large list to list – large data plugin
  •  clear large list – large data plugin
  •  shell batch hidden – advanced shell
  •  add item to large list – large data plugin
  •  create folder
  •  return
  •  clear list
  •  add list to list

Custom Commands:

  •  Page Load
  •  Append Item to File
  •  Main Thread
  •  Main Bot
  •  Big List Append Results To File
  •  Combine Results List
  •  Delete Session Data
  •  Current Line Total
  •  Big File Splitter
  •  Create Folders
  •  Debug STOP
  •  Debug Wait


  • large list total – large data plugin
  •  stop watch elapsed time – diagnostic plugin
  •  element offset
  •  special folder
  •  new line
  •  rand
  •  large list item – large data plugin
  •  file number of lines – large data plugin
  •  comparison
  •  add
  •  divide
  •  find regular expression
  •  nothing
  •  not
  •  random text
  •  folder exists
  •  multiply
  •  replace regular expressions
  •  read part file – advanced file plugin
  •  subtract
  •  random list item
  •  list from text
  •  list total
  •  next list item

Custom Functions:

  • Random User Agents
  •  Random Referrer
  •  Data file IN file path
  •  Wait for Element timeout
  •  SUM list of integers

UI Commands:

  • ui stat monitor
  •  ui text box
  •  ui open file
  •  ui button
  •  ui drop down
  •  ui check box


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