Boot Camp – Basic Training for UBot Studio – Source Code

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Basic Training for UBot Studio

I demonstrate  15 commands, 10 functions and over 15 concepts to speed up your learning curve. These are the basics to get you going today.

This is not just what they are but how to use them in a real bot/software.



UBot Studio Boot Camp

Basic Training – Form Post Source Code

UBot’s Native  Browser Edition

Hello Newbie!

In this “Source Code” aka .ubot file I will attempt to show you how to use the most common nodes used in any software you build. This is not a full production bot yet but this one in particular shows how to make a posting bot. Most of the same code can be used for a scraper too. You will learn how to learn the following commands and functions(nodes).


  1. set header – change user agent and referrer
  2. navigate
  3. wait for element
  4. type text
  5. click
  6. change checkbox
  7. stop script
  8. clear list
  9. add list to list
  10. loop
  11. alert
  12. set
  13. loop while
  14. if
  15. wait


  1. list total
  2. list fr4om text
  3. text from list
  4. new line
  5. next list item
  6. spin
  7. rand
  8. random list item
  9. comparison
  10. list item



  1. nesting functions
  2. looping
  3. list management
  4. logic
  5. page elements
  6. radio buttons
  7. text fields
  8. submit button
  9. delimiters
  10. parameters
  11. multiple functions and variable in a field
  12. using multiple commands and functions together
  13. what is a function
  14. using alert for debugging
  15. what zero based system is
  16. using commands and function in multiple ways

ubot-boot-camp-tab-4Each of these are explained by a comment next to it.

This source code intends to show a natural progression of a bot build over 4 tabs. Over these four tabs I will introduce new nodes step by step then refactoring as I go. I also show how one might build a bot around a form and loop through data in a list then submit it.

This is really basic stuff that you will use over and over but in this source you will understand how to use these nodes in more than just one scenario. Instead of just knowing what the node does you will know how it works in conjunction with others in a few different ways.

This source is missing some steps however I did note where you will need to insert the nodes to login to a service like Word Press. After going through this source I hope you will be able to get started making your bots faster and understand the some of the fundamentals in UBot Studio.

I also started a Skype group and the link is inside the source in the “Resources” tab along with other need to know information. I know when I started I struggled with how to put things together and in what order. I hope this source provides you with some insight to speed up your for steps into bot building.

In the near future I will release some supplemental information to this source and I have several more in line near ready to release as well. These are intermediate to advanced and they cover many more nodes and UBot tips as well.

I look forward to helping you getting started in the UBot Studio Boot Camp Skype group. Hope to see you soon so enlist today!!

This group is just for Newbies and anyone that likes to help Newbies.


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