Threading – Running Selenium with the Chrome Browser in UBot Studio Source Code

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Source code for using selenium THREADED in UBot Studio




Source Code

Threading Selenium Bots in UBot Studio

Chrome Browser

With just 2 lines of Python code!!! Specifically the treading part.


Yes that’s correct! Python has a cool package that comes standard that allows you to run a function that will be ran in parallel to make your selenium bots or any other bot to run faster and get more done. All this without having to use Chrome Profiles.

In this basic tutorial you will see the Chrome Browser open up 6 different URL’s in 6 different browsers. As shown in the video below.

What this is:


This is a guide to help you better structure your Python code inside UBot Studio to avoid creating more bugs. Your Python code may not tun if you do not know this information and you may bang your head for days. Your cod e will run find outside of UBot but will not run inside it leaving you pulling your hair out.

  • First tab – Python list to UBot list
  • Second tab – Read file into Python list and output to a UBot list
  • Third tab – Read file into Python list and append to output file
  • Fourth tab – relative paths explained
  • Fifth tab – all the above in one UBot function


What this is NOT:


A Python tutorial.

A Python threading tutorial.

A selenium tutorial.

A UBot threading tutorial.

Thread Docta


On the resource page/tab I have links to all these.


The tutorial for this code is here


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