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Basic Training – Tab 4

Boot Camp

For the Native UBot Browser

Finally and Congratulations UBotter!

You have learned all this in what I  hope a short period of time.


  1. set header – change user agent and referrer
  2. navigate
  3. wait for element
  4. type text
  5. click
  6. change checkbox
  7. stop script
  8. clear list
  9. add list to list
  10. loop
  11. alert
  12. set
  13. loop while
  14. if
  15. wait


  1. list total
  2. list fr4om text
  3. text from list
  4. new line
  5. next list item
  6. spin
  7. rand
  8. random list item
  9. comparison
  10. list item


  1. nesting functions
  2. looping
  3. list management
  4. logic
  5. page elements
  6. radio buttons
  7. text fields
  8. submit button
  9. delimiters
  10. parameters
  11. multiple functions and variable in a field
  12. using multiple commands and functions together
  13. what is a function
  14. using alert for debugging
  15. what zero based system is
  16. using commands and function in multiple ways

Can you believe you learned all that? Pffeww! pat yourself on the back the rough part is over!!


We have a small bot or I should say software that can loop through a list of account data and post it to a site now. So if you needed to order pizza for hundreds of people you would certainly be able to pull it off with some slight modifications to this code.

For the most part you will be using these commands in most of your bots with some variations as different issues come along, If you have some issues you cant quiet solve on your own the forum or the Skype groups are a great place to ask specific questions and there are lots of people willing to help you. Try to formulate your question to be as specific as possible. Asking how do I make a follower bot is not good enough, no one wants to make your bot for you unless you pay them. When posting to the forum try t make your post title search able so that others may benefit as well. “I need help with this problem!” only helps you. Also, be prepared to provide some code or just post your code along with your question along with as many details as you can. What may be obvious to you wont be that apparent to others.

Commenting your code is helpful to others reading your code and it is extremely helpful to you a few months down the road. So, take the time now because you will be taking more time to remember what you were thinking and why you did something a certain way every time you revisit that piece of code. What is even worse is you try to fix that code only to realize it is better the way you left it. It is more efficient to make your comments while it is still fresh in your mind. Start the good habits now.

In a small software like this it is easy to find things quickly but before you know it you will have hundreds of lines of code to sift through so commence and separating your code into modules or tabs is a must. The sooner you do it the better and it is more efficient in the long rum to do it while you are building it and not after your bot is done. More often then not your bot will grow, you or your customers will want more features and a small mess quickly turns into a large one. Which brings us to custom commands/functions and the “define” command. In the Intermediate part of this tutorial and the “Advanced Define’s” we will be discussing this in full detail to enable you to use this command to make your code more modular to keep it neater and make it reusable. So, if you think you are ready open up then next Intermediate .ubot file and let’s get you coding like a pro.

One more thing, be sure to check out the “Resource Tab” inside UBot Studio .ubot file and visit the links to learn more about “headers” and other important things. Please go back to the store item and leave a review so other newbies will know if they need this course or not. Feel free to share this on Social Media as well. I and others will appreciate it very much and thank you in advance.

Happy Botting!



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